Tech giants race for edge in AI

Major technology firms are racing to infuse smartphones and other internet-linked device with software smarts that help them think like people.

The effort is seen as an evolution in computing that allows users to interact with machines in natural with machines in natural conversation style,telling devices to tend to tasks such as ordering goods,checking traffic, making restaurant reservation or searching for information.The artificial intelligence(AI) component in these programmes aims to make create a world in which everyone can have a virtual aide that gets to know them better with each interaction.

Google is making a high profile push into(AI),with the internet titan’s chief referring to it as a force for change as powerful as powerful as smartphones.

Google Assistant software is being built into new Pixel handsets-aiming to out do Apple’Siri-enabling users to organise and use information on the devices and in the cloud to check email, stay up to date on calendar appointments,news or ask for traffic and weather data.Google also offers AI throught its Allo messaging application which can be installed on smartphones, and its Google Home Hub, a standalone device similar to Amazon’s Echo which responds to VOICE COMMANDS to mange tasks and fetch information where people live.

The South Korean electronics giant moved to jumpstart its AI efforts by purchasing the US startup Viv labs, launched by the creators of Apple’s Siri.

Samsung says the acquisition announced this month is part of its effort to assistance services its customers can use across all Samsung devices and products, from smartphones to televisions to washing machines.

Samsung is world’s leading maker of smartphones powered by Google’s free Android software, but also has its own Tizen mobile operating system, so how it may field its own virtual assistant technology remains to seen.Amazon in 2014 unveiled its Echo home assistant, a VOICE ACTIVATE SPEAKER, powered by its “Alexa”  Artificial  Intelligence  Programme.

Users can ask for news or information updates, as well as ordering goods from the online retailing giant.Echo also servers as a connected-home hub which can control compatible appliances, lightbulbs and other devices.

Since introducing Echo, Amazon has launched a smaller version called “Dot” and integrated Alex into its FIRE TV DEVICES.

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